Are you fed up with the imbalanced, dysfunctional, and nightmarish dating scene in America? Do you want more or better quality dates and are open to expanding your locality? Would you be glad to know that you are a perfect catch to millions of beautiful approachable down-to-earth feminine women all over the world who will treat you right?

If so, then you have come to the right place: Global Dating Solution. This is not a dating site, though. This is an informative blog only. My sole passion in creating this blog is to help solve the loneliness that plagues America today by raising awareness of the factors that make America one of the worst dating scenes on Earth for men and why foreign women are the answer.

I also want to help men shed the powerful cultural stereotypes, stigma, and biases that may be holding them back from considering global dating as a real solution to their dating problems in the United States. With this purpose in mind, I completely debunk and fully disprove the most commonly held cultural stereotypes about foreign women such as “they just want a green card” or “they are just after your money.”

The second reason I created this blog is to help men understand the reasons why relationships with foreign women are so successful. This is especially true if you plan to have a successful marriage.