Write for Us

The essence of global dating is to expand our dating horizon and not just limit it to American women. Our aim for this blog is to prove that American males can find “greener pastures” outside the US. Your lifetime partner might just be living in another continent—she might be an Asian, a Russian, or a Latina. But how will you know if you don’t keep your options open?

Here at Global Dating Solution, we would love to hear success stories about American men finding love somewhere outside of America. We want to inspire desperate, lonely guys by sharing real stories sent to us by our readers. If you have found the foreigner you would like to marry, then here is your chance to have your love story featured on our blog!

Here’s how:

  1. Write your love story in any way you want to. No length and structure requirements. Anything is fine as long as your piece won’t bore us to death!
  2. Please make sure you cover the essentials:
    1. Your past—frustrations, failures, and boo-boos dating American women
    2. How and where you met
    3. What were you looking for in an ideal woman
    4. The qualities of your girlfriend/fiancée/wife that made you fall in love
    5. How you keep the flame burning
    6. What you are looking forward to in your relationship
  3. Send your masterpiece to Eric Teague via email: support@globaldatingsolution.com. If you can send a photo along with it, it’d be great!
  4. We will let you know if your story is approved for posting.

Looking forward to your contribution!